Saphenion Protocol: compression in varicose veins

The Saphenion Protocol: compression of varicose veins focuses primarily on subjective leg discomfort. Stasis and heaviness, swelling and pressure on the ankle are unmistakable signs of a possible chronic venous disease. This is commonly referred to or described as chronic venous insufficiency. The term „chronic venous insufficiency“ thus summarizes disorders of the venous – and also functionally coupled – of the lymphatic return current.

Saphenion protocol travel thrombosis

Saphenion protocol travel thrombosis: Dr. Ulf Th.Zierau, PD Dr. W.Lahl Current Topic: Saphenion Protocol Travel Thrombosis Recommendations for effective prophylaxis Year-round oversea flights z. for example, booked to Thailand, Australia, […]

Rezidiv Diskussion bei Krampfadern – Update

Die Rezidiv-Diskussion bei Krampfadern wird hauptsächlich als tendenziöse Venenstumpf-Diskussion geführt. Radikale Stripping vs. endovenöser Laser als Vehikel zur grundsätzlichen wissenschaftlichen Abkehr von den endovenösen Verfahren bei der Therapie des Krampfaderleidens. […]