Saphenion® fact-check vein glue for varicose veins

The Saphenion® fact-check vein glue for varicose veins has been published by us in regular succession for 7 years and aims to compare international publications on the subject with our own experiences and to remain meaningful. Our patients are now very well informed about this therapy method for varicose veins, which has been offered for 10 years. After 9 years of use, including October 2021, we have so far treated 1703 patients on 3344 saphenous veins – over 300,000 patients worldwide have now been treated with the vein glue VenaSeal®.In the meantime, we have successfully used the vein glue VenaSeal® to cleanse the venous system in 24 patients with COVID-19 infection after they have recovered. Of course, slightly adapted hygiene measures in the operating room and in the practice are necessary. However, these are kept within practical limits in an outpatient specialist practice that works surgically and with catheter medicine, since the hygiene status is already primarily increased.