Advances in varicose veins – Madrid Meeting

Advances in varicose veins – endovenous therapy


The 8th symposium on sclerotherapy and endovenous therapy of varicose veins took place in Madrid on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2018. Initiators were the Madrid Central Hospital for the Red Cross – this year celebrates its centennial – and the Spanish Society of Phlebology and Lymphology and the Spanish Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery.é_y_Santa_Adela

Director of the symposium was Mrs. Pro. Dr. Lourdes Reina Gutierrez, Chief of Phlebology and Angiology at the Central Hospital.

It was also she who invited Saphenion 6 months ago to participate in the symposium with a lecture and a live surgery.


Lectures, discussion and atmosphere – very friendly, very intense!


We were able to report our progress in varicose veins, our experience of using the vein glue  VenaSeal for 76 months and we were asked to perform two live – op`s with the cyanoacrylate venous glue after the presentation and in the late afternoon. It was quite exhausting to go to the surgery after the 20 – minute lecture in order to treat an 87 – year old patient and to treat a young man with the same technique in the afternoon. But – it was a lot of fun!

And we have felt the great interest in the technique of sealing veins in every conversation, in every discussion. We met very interested and nice colleagues and we felt a high degree of uncomplicated natural hospitality. And with the two patients, we were also able to make a friendly contact personally with a little English and explain how the vein glue works.

The scientific program was very demanding, it represented all important topics of venous medicine – with exception of radical surgical techniques.


And these advances in varicose veins – they were all discussed and discussed. A little delay in the program was not important at all, it was just fun!









Sightseeing, Museo del Prado, Reina Sofia, Estadio Santiago Bernabèu


The day before the meeting shortly after arriving in Madrid, our destination was the city center. We could both travel city bus tours and do some sightseeing in the city center. We have also drink a Spanish red wine and enjoy the real … .spanish ham. And we visited the Museo del Prado and the Museo del Reina Sofia for over 6 hours. In the first an unimaginable size with all known artists of classical painting. In the second, many modern Spanish and international artists we have seen with a lot of fun.















And in the evening we were – after a tour of the Estadio Santiago Bernabèu – invited to dinner in the restaurant of the Bernabèu. This sports construction dwarfs everything that has been seen so far and makes it hard to guess the importance of Real Madrid football club for Madrid and Spain.



Saphenion says Thank You!


Our thanks therefore to all those involved in the organization and especially to Dr. Lourdes Reina, our thanks to the staff of the hospital, who really very obliging and helpful, gave everything that the live ops could be carried out according to all the rules of our experience. And thank you very much for the great and natural hospitality throughout our stay in Madrid.


Last but not least: a big thank you to my nurse Claudia from Berlin, she has been working at Saphenion for 17 years and has gained experience in all endovenous procedures (laser, radiowave, microfoam and venous glue). On the one hand, she was important for the two live – treatments, on the other hand she was a conversation partner in very intensive technical discussions with the colleagues of the Hospital de la Cruz Roja!





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