Saphenion® Oxygen multi-step therapy in varicose veins

The varicose veins of the legs lead to a backflow of the venous blood into the lower leg. Both the deep veins and the skin veins are under high pressure. This pressure is passed back to the capillaries unhindered. Both muscle spasm electrodes and venules have no venous valves, and control of the venous blood in the microcirculatory area is not possible. This means that the capillaries are under further tension, in addition to the reduction in the oxygen partial pressure, the venous pressure also causes the capillary walls to swell and cause a pathological deformation of these microcirculatory vessels.  
Multi-step oxygen therapy is one of the effective adjuvant therapies that also provides the vascular specialist with non-surgical accompanying therapies to further improve the therapy results for our patients. In the past, oxygen multi-step therapy has certainly been somewhat underestimated and viewed as less effective. The importance of oxygen for tissues and cells has also been brought back into the light. Our own, still short experiences confirm the substantial additional effect of this therapy