Vein glue over 79 month: Stories around 2202 treated veins…

Sealing truncal veins over 79 month in clinical use

As described recently, we currently use the venous glue VenaSeal in 79 month treatment of varicose veins.

Exactly before these 79 month, on the 25th of July 2012, we disturbed the European Manager of the company Sapheon, Mr. Dieter Bielang, while brushing his teeth and asked him by phone to show us the new VenaSeal – System in the Berlin practice.

The starting point of our intentions was not Berlin – we wanted to offer in the 4 days later, on 1 August 2012 opened Rostock practice, a therapeutic procedure that can be practiced without anesthesia or tumescent anesthesia.

Dieter Bielang came – immediately – from Stuttgart to Berlin flew and presented us the new endovenous procedure.

Thank you for your hurry, Dieter!

In fact, we were able to introduce the VenaSeal catheter at the opening of the Rostock practice punctually into our therapy spectrum.

Sealing varicose veins  in unusual numbers

In the fact, I work with the cyan glue since 1988. We used this glue in intestinal surgery, in vascular surgery of aorta, pelvic and leg arteries. It was the time of my medical specialist training in surgery and vascular surgery at the Charité hospital Berlin. And the glue was not a wonder….

Now we have used the vein glue VenaSeal in almost 1180 patients on 2202 truncal varicose veins.

The youngest patient was a 17 – year law student, the oldest patient is now 92 years old – Hans Modrow, the last Prime Minister of the GDR.

In over 10% our patients did not use tranquilizers or local anesthetics. It did not matter if we treated only one truncal varicose vein or simultaneously several varicose veins on both legs. The procedure worked without heat, without pressure, without therapeutic pain. The puncture of the vein to insert the catheter was obviously not the great pain stimulus.

More than two – thirds of patients received treatment simultaneously on all defective trunk veins in one session – this procedure was the exception until then.

In only 8% of the cases were we seen at times side effects. These were light tissue kills and blue-green-yellow stripes that disappeared after different periods of time.

The closure efficiency is 96.4% over the entire observation period, and we have not seen this very good result in any other procedure.

With the introduction of the new procedure, we also transferred our therapy guarantee, which had already been introduced with the radio – wave catheter, to sealing truncal varicose veins.

Each patient received a warranty card, which guarantees the promised closure of the truncal varicose vein over a period of 3 years.

For the entire 79 month – period, 17 patients took advantage of this guarantee and were treated by us once again – free of charge – with the VenaSeal catheter system.

The Oldest One – Hans Modrow, former Chancellor of the GDR

The sealing varicose veins in unusual therapy experiences

Due to the lack of anesthesia or tumescent anesthesia we often had the opportunity to experience patients in unusual situations in the operating theater.

Some examples are to be reported:

We were very happy when a patient – a former canoeist – read a detective story while intervening on both legs in her e – book reader – it was a Tom Clancy. And after the Op she drove to the golf course near Warnemünde.

Another patient played with us – and the sound system in the OP – „sing my song“.  Again, we treated – as by the way – several truncal varicose veins simultaneously and sang – as far as possible – with Max Herre, Philipp Poisel and Helene Fischer.

It became more serious with our oldest patient. The focus of discussion during the OP was – during treatment of three truncal varicose veins – on political issues: PDS, The Left, North – and South Korea, China and Cuba.

Also very impressive for us: a Berlin patient had stopped with his sailing yacht in the marina in front of the Rostock practice, got treatment of both legs GSV on one Thursday, spent the night on the yacht.  And drove after the control examination after sealing veins one day later by sailboat on the Baltic Sea out to a sailing trip „Rund Rügen“.

And we will never forget our patient with early childhood brain damage. Without narcotics, without anesthesia, Helene Fischer was played in the operating room – and he was very happy and funny.  Sister and brother – in – law joined in, held the patient’s hand and showed himself brave by the unusual atmosphere in a surgery!

At this point: Thanks to all our patients for there trust!

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