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SaphenionScience – Krampfadern: Neue Fachartikel international: Venenkleber und Kompressionsmassage, Venenkleber und Sauerstoff – Mehrschritt – Therapie, Venenkleber und Allergie

Murat and Clay used the first compression device in 1835, and after 1930 devices for the treatment of vascular diseases were developed. In 1955 Sampson and Kirby first described a 14-chamber compression massage.

It is a strange thing in the history of medicine that, apart from sports medicine, the deeper consideration of people from an energetic point of view has been neglected for decades.
Our nearly 8 years experiences in using varicose vein glue did not showany allergies in all 2710 sealed truncal varicose veins. By default, we perform regular clinical and ultrasound follow – ups of treated veins. Until now we have not been reported allergic, nor have we found any clinical signs of allergies or allergic symptoms. This affected all treated patients, including those who reported in the preoperative preparation and the discussions about allergies or as a multi- allergy sufferer had a corresponding allergy pass.