Saphenion®: long-time results of vein glue

The Saphenion® fact check vein glue for varicose veins: Results from 141 months of vein glue for varicose veins. Our patients are now very well informed about this treatment method – after 142 months of use, we have treated 2117 patients on 4373 truncal veins, the closure rate of the treated veins is 96.16%.

Saphenion®: The Endovenous „Saphena“ – Views into the Golden Twenties

Saphenion®: The Endovenous „Saphena“- We will try to give an overview of the historical development of the varicose vein treatment. You will agree after a short time with the words of Minkiewicz  (1862): „Comparative studies of all surgical procedures recommended against varices“ (25) that „the quantity of some healing methods proposed in surgical and therapeutic practice against certain diseases either proves that the former has not yet been sufficiently researched or that the actual healing method is yet to be discovered. This applies to a large extent to varices and the usual „operation methods“ “ and we will try to describe the first therapeutical revolution from radical surgery to the endovenous therapy of varicose veins in the Twenties. We will show our ideas, mistakes, and experiences considering the historical development.

Saphenion®: VenaSeal® Stammkrampfader in 11 Minuten – Sealing of varicose veins in 11 minutes

Das Venenkleben hat sich in den letzten 13 Jahren weltweit etabliert. Auch in Deutschland arbeiten inzwischen ca. 30 Venenzentren nach dieser vergleichsweise neuen – aber auch wieder nicht so neuem – Methode. Der Biokleber ist in seinen Grundbestandteilen bereits seit Beginn der 60er Jahre im Einsatz in nahezu allen operativen Disziplinen.

Vein glue versus radiofrequency therapy: 7 years comparison

Vein glue versus radiofrequency therapy – 7 years: For more than 20 years now, truncal varicose veins has increasingly been treated endovenously with catheter support. It all began with the rather cumbersome VNUS® Closure process and the easier-to-use linear laser. This was followed in 2006/2007 by the bipolar RFITT® catheter and the VNUS® ClosureFast system as well as the radial laser. However, it should be said that following historical medical truth, endovenous sclerotherapy has been developed and used since 1911. And already in the late 20s, many surgeons in Germany used the gluing technique with sugar solutions. Also, Ferdinand Sauerbruch of the Charitè hospital in Berlin was a friend of this method.

7 years experiences in sealing veins

Since 8/2012 we use the vein glue at Saphenion. First use parallel to radiofrequency therapy. Meanwhile, more than 95% of our patients choose the glue for the treatment of truncal varicose veins.In the meantime, technical indications have broadened the indications. Now we are treating for recurrent episodes, venous tumors, vein ectasies and aneurysms as well as perforating veins.