SaphenionScience: Muscle veins – foot varicose veins

SaphenionScience: Muscle veins – foot varicose veins: In general, varicose vein formation of perforatorveins also causes the anatomical-functional conversion of muscle veins into varicose-vein enlarged and high-venous resting and stress-loaded muscle veins. This has already been shown by us in the impact on the capillary and arterial systemWhat is important, however, is the fact that these perforator veins on the instep and ankle are already created in the normal anatomy and physiology without venous valves!

SaphenionScience: Muscle vein varicosis and intermittent claudication

SaphenionScience: Muscle vein varicosis – is there a risk of arterial blood flow? This is very interesting and also for our patients and the vascular and vein specialists a very important question. Because varicose muscle veins are signs of advanced varicose vein disease of the skin veins and the perforator / connecting veins. Important too – muscle veins do not carry venous valves, so they can not defend themselves against the pathologically high pressure of the varicose veins.