Saphenion®PatientenInfo: 99 Monate Venenkleber

Nach 18 Jahren Arbeit mit endovenösen Techniken das Resümee: Unsere Erfahrungen mit der endovenösen Therapie und speziell mit dem Venenkleber machen ihn zu unserer Basistherapie bei der Stammvaricosis. Die radikale chirurgische Therapie ist nur noch in seltenen Ausnahmesituationen wirklich notwendig.
After 18 years of working with endovenous techniques, the résumé: Our experience with endovenous therapy and especially with the VenaSeal® glue make it our basic therapy for varicose veins. Radical surgical therapy is only really necessary in rare exceptional situations.

SaphenionPatientInfo: 8 Years VeinGlue

Since 1949 the chemical compound is known, first being used in operative medicine in the early 60s. Tissue adhesive or replacement of wound sutures Nearly all operative disciplines were / are using cyanoacrylate i.e. dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, surgery, orthodontics, interventional radiologists.
The CE certification already took place in 2011, the American FDA approval from 2/2015 states: VenaSeal® is bio-compatible and bioresorptive, non-carcinogenic and non-allergenic!