Saphenion®: long-time results of vein glue

Saphenion®: long-time results of vein glue – has been published by us in regular succession for 10 years and aims to compare international publications on the subject with our own experiences and to remain meaningful. Our patients are now very well informed about this therapy method for varicose veins, which has been offered for 11 years. After this time of use, we have so far treated 2082 patients on 4281 saphenous veins: The Closure Rate is 96,21%!

Saphenion® Rostock: Allergie auf Venenkleber?

Saphenion®: Allergie auf Venenkleber? In einigen wenigen Fachkommentaren, Vorträgen und Artikeln von venenchirurgisch tätigen Kollegen wird immer wieder vor der Entstehung einer Allergie auf den beim Venenkleber verwendeten Cyanoacrylates gewarnt.
In a few specialist comments, presentations, and articles by phlebological active colleagues is repeatedly warned against the emergence of an allergy to the cyanoacrylate used in the vein glue.