Saphenion®: long-time results of vein glue

The Saphenion® fact check vein glue for varicose veins: Results from 141 months of vein glue for varicose veins. Our patients are now very well informed about this treatment method – after 141 months of use, we have treated 2108 patients on 4346 truncal veins, the closure rate of the treated veins is 96.16%.

Saphenion®: Venenkleber für Perforansvenen – Sealing perforator veins

Die Therapie von Seitenäste und Perforansvenen (Verbindungsvenen) wird in aller Regel entweder chirurgisch oder mittels Mikroschaum durchgeführt. Es gibt aber auch sehr kräftige Venen, die mittels Mikroschaum nicht mehr effektiv verschlossen werden können.
The treatment of side branches and perforator veins (connecting veins) is usually performed either surgically or by means of microfoam. But there are also greater perforator veins so the microfoam isn`t effective.

SaphenionPatientInfo: 8 Years VeinGlue

Since 1949 the chemical compound is known, first being used in operative medicine in the early 60s. Tissue adhesive or replacement of wound sutures Nearly all operative disciplines were / are using cyanoacrylate i.e. dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, surgery, orthodontics, interventional radiologists.
The CE certification already took place in 2011, the American FDA approval from 2/2015 states: VenaSeal® is bio-compatible and bioresorptive, non-carcinogenic and non-allergenic!