Saphenion – VenaSeal® therapie: Interessante Patientengeschichten

Saphenion – Venaseal®therapie: Interessante Patientengeschichten. Anlässlich der 62. Jahrestagung der deutschen Gesellschaft für Venenheilkunde (DGP) Anfang September 2020 in Leipzig hatten wir eine sehr nette Einladung zu einem Vortrag für das Venaseal® – Meeting bekommen. Die Fa. medtronic als Hersteller des Venenklebers „VenaSeal®“ hatte uns gebeten, ein paar interessante Fälle aus 8 Jahren Therapie mit dem Venenkleber vorzustellen.
Saphenion® – Venaseal® therapy: Interesting patient stories. On the occasion of the 62nd annual conference of the German Society for Vein Medicine (DGP) in Leipzig at the beginning of September 2020, we received a very nice invitation to a lecture for the Venaseal® meeting. The company Medtronic, the manufacturer of the vein glue „VenaSeal®“, asked us to present a couple of interesting cases from 8 years of therapy with the vein glue.

Saphenion® – Varicose veins in children/adolescents

The tendency to varicose veins is already innate in over 90% of our patients. So, it is not the defective venous valve that turns the vein into a varicose vein, it is the defective vein wall that leads to the expansion of the cutaneous veins and thus sooner or later to the defective venous valve and thus to the development of the varicose veins. Young people are also affected to some extent. The congenital lack of venous valves, which is also possible, is a very rare exception.

SaphenionPatientenInfo: 8 Jahre Venenkleber

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